Author Interview: “Promises” by Wendi Sotis

From time to time, I will be including author interviews on this blog. My intention is to have them only in the genres I write in, and because my latest published work (Geo 213: The Lost Expedition) is a science fiction action/adventure combo, we’ll be seeing most interviews in those genres in the near future.

However, the interview which follows is with author Wendi Sotis, someone I have known for a many years. It was interesting to note that for all the time I knew her, I had no knowledge that she was interested in writing fiction, so it was a shocker and a pleasant surprise when I found out she had released Promises for purchase online.

If you are a reader of Jane Austen fan-fiction, Promises just might be for you! Check out Amazon for purchasing details.  

Thomas D. Taylor

Wendi Sotis says:


I wanted to start off by saying that I greatly enjoyed your novel, Geo-213: The Lost Expedition and am very much looking forward to the second in the series.  I’m also a big fan of your artwork and the work that Midnight In Chicago is involved with.

1.) Author’s name:  

Wendi Sotis

2.) Most recent novel:


3.) Genre:

It’s pretty specific: Jane Austen-inspired, Historical Drama/Romance – Regency Era

4.) What’s the approximate page count and word count?

There are 418 pages in the book, with a word count of approximately 157,000.

5.) Is this part of a series?

Though I tend to use the same characters in each of my stories, Promises is not part of a series.  I’m hoping this doesn’t confuse any readers!  I take the same characters and place them in a different situation in each, as if each is an alternate universe.

6.) If this is part of a series, how many books in the series so far and how many more in the series do you plan to write?


7.) Give us a brief summary of the novel.

Though the story can stand on its own without the reader having any prior knowledge of Jane Austen’s works, I chose to adopt characters from her much loved tale, Pride and Prejudice, and lead the main characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, on a different journey than Austen did in the classic novel.

This “what if” story begins much earlier than the original novel; Elizabeth and William meet as children.  Through their fathers’ friendship, over the years they meet several times and their feelings for each other grow.  Promises are made, but several unfortunate circumstances and interfering family members keep them apart.

Will misunderstandings and mistaken impressions divide Elizabeth and William forever?

8.) What motivated you to write this book?

After being a fan of Jane Austen’s works for a very long time, several years ago I had come across fan fiction based on her novels and fell in love with the idea of placing her characters in new situations – some drastically different from the original novels and others only mildly so.

Even before my teenage years, I had wanted to write.  One night, I had a dream about a great idea for a story, and instead of telling an established Jane Austen Fan Fiction author about it, I decided to make the attempt to write it myself.  After a few months, the story was posted to several online forums.  The result was my first novel, Dreams and Expectations, which is of the above genre paired with mystery and some action/adventure.  It was successful with the members of the forums, but being my first true attempt at writing (at least that anyone else has actually seen) it needed a lot of clean-up work.  That story is in the process of being completely re-written and re-edited and will be published around the end of 2011.

Since I found that I absolutely loved writing, I decided to enter NaNoWriMo 2010 Contest (National Novel Writing Month).  As a result of the contest, and quite a bit of work, Promises came to life.

Now, I can’t stop the ideas for new stories from flooding my mind!  I have several more in the works – a couple that actually pair my love for science fiction/fantasy with the above genre. I’m even trying my hand at placing them in modern times.

Elizabeth and William will be very busy over the next few years if I have anything to say about it!

9.) What are some of the major themes that are explored in this book?

I had to ask a couple of people about this as I find it difficult to see themes in my own work instead of looking at it as a whole.  Here is the list my editors, Gayle Mills and Robin Helm, came up with: 

Commitment to a promise; loyalty, faithfulness, and trust in true love; delayed gratification and perseverance—willingness to wait when they could not be together; overcoming pride—I’d tell you more about that but it would be a spoiler, let’s just say that William is prideful in a different way than in canon.

10.) What is your opinion about the genre in general?

I’m one of the biggest fans of the genre I currently write in, but believe it or not, the title of “my personal all-time favorite author” is pretty much a tied between Jane Austen and Frank Herbert!  Just a slight difference between the two, eh?

11.) What do you think makes your book something that other people will like to read?

I’m sure it is not something that everyone would like to read, but I have heard from people who are interested in romance and drama and Jane Austen who tell me that they enjoyed it.

12.) Anything else you’d like to add?

I am very impressed with your blog.  Best of luck with it!  Thanks for everything, Thomas!

2 responses to “Author Interview: “Promises” by Wendi Sotis

  1. I read this book and enjoyed it – looking forward to reading additional stories and books. The author, Wendi Sotis, sounds excited to put her ideas in writing. She will develop a following with her fresh storylines. I wish her much success in the future. I will be looking for her new book to be out shortly.

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