Author Interview: “Price of a Bounty” by S. L. Wallace

Readers may notice that I do not include pictures of book covers when I post interviews with other authors whether the authors hold the rights to the cover art or not. The reason is that I want to avoid copyright violations on pictures I may not have a right to repost. 

One downside to this is that people will miss out on seeing a lot of great cover art unless they go to each book’s Amazon page.

Price of a Bounty, S. L. Wallace’s new novel, has an excellent cover, and it’s worth it to readers to click through to the Amazon page just to see it. So please click through when you are done reading this interview.

Also, be sure to check the preview. The first few pages will hook you. 🙂

Thomas D. Taylor

1.) Author’s name:

Hello!  My name is S. L. Wallace.

2.) Most recent novel:

My debut novel, Price of a Bounty, was published this past July at Amazon.

3.) Genre:

Science Fiction

4.) What’s the approximate page count and word count?

Soon to be released in paperback at a length of 280 pages, it has just over 66,000 words.

5.) Is this part of a series?

Yes, I am currently working on the second novel of this trilogy.

6.) If this is part of a series, how many books in the series so far and how many more in the series do you plan to write?

There will be three books, and only three books in this particular series.  There is a definite story arc that I have planned through the third book at which point, we will arrive at a solid ending.  I don’t like to leave my readers hanging, but I do like to encourage them to think about big questions.

7.) Give us a brief summary of the novel.

Set in a dystopian futuristic society, we begin with Keira Maddock, a Freelancer (hired killer, bounty hunter, mercenary).  Her society was intentionally split by the wealthy shortly after the last war.  Over the years, the Divide has only grown stronger and the tension between everyone has grown.  The commoners don’t trust the Elite, and the Elite certainly don’t trust each other.  Told from multiple points of view, layers are added as we progress from one day to the next and one character to the next.

8.) What motivated you to write this book?

I began writing Price of a Bounty in early February 2011, after waking from an especially vivid dream.  As I woke completely, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this dream wasn’t silly or frivolous.  I had a solid understanding of the society (with a Divide separating the Elite from everyone else), a few of the main characters (Keira, Guy and Eberhardt), the main antagonist (Elaine Ramsey), and the part about the lie detector in chapters 3 and 4.  I even kept Keira’s name from my dream.  That doesn’t usually happen to me.  Most of the time, I’m lucky if I remember anything at all about my dreams, so I began that morning.  A few weeks later, our governor began an outright attack on public employees and our unions.  These political changes have affected me and many people I know.  Over time, Price of a Bounty became an outlet for a lot of the tension I was feeling.

9.) What are some of the major themes that are explored in this book?

What happens to a society that is so severely divided?  How can people learn to trust again after being pushed down again and again?  What can people do to make life better for themselves as well as for others?  How important is human life?  These are just some of the big questions my characters grapple with.

10.) What is your opinion about the genre in general?

I think reading science fiction can be an excellent way to try and understand humanity and current events without getting defensive.  The reader is allowed to ponder questions about real life in a safe environment.  After all, if it’s a thousand years in the future, the problems are happening to them and not to us.  We’re able to step back and reflect on the issues without getting so wrapped up in whatever the current fight is all about.  And action, well what good is a story without some decent action?

11.) What do you think makes your book something that other people will like to read?

I think well developed characters and a story that makes you question, wonder or think about things in a new light, all make a story worth reading.

12.) Anything else you’d like to add?

If you have big questions you’d like to think about or comment on, please visit my blog Crossroads of Humanity at

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  1. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

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