Author Interview: “Death of the Forgotten Lands” by Thomas Capper

Death of the Forgotten Lands…. What an evocative title! The description of the book and the series sounds evocative too. But I’m not going to delay you any further. Let’s hear what author Thomas Capper has to say about all this.

Thomas D. Taylor

1.) Author’s name:

Thomas Capper

2.) Most recent novel:

Death of the Forgotten Lands

3.) Genre:


4.) What’s the approximate page count and word count?

417 pages paperback book. It’s a 6” x 9” book and has 173,612 words. I do have the kindle version of the book associated with the paperback on Amazon. So they should e together.

 5.) Is this part of a series?


6.) If this is part of a series, how many books in the series so far and how many more in the series do you plan to write?

This is Book 6 of a 7 book series. I’m currently working on the 7th and final for the series.

7.) Give us a brief summary of the novel.

With the war continuing with the Kadestka, Kommonen, Yeenaaldlooshi and Anasazi, the weary group is shocked when they find out that Yuri had gone to Kitridge to recover some lost possessions. Meanwhile, in Babylon, Patra and the others are fearful of continuing when they realize that Akmun-Ra still lives and the Santres had been resurrected.

8.) What motivated you to write this book?

Well, when I first started my story, I just wanted to write one small thing and submit it to a magazine. However, it didn’t actually end that way. I ended up writing something that was a lot bigger than a small story. It actually grew to a 2nd book then to 3rd, etc. The one I’m currently working on will wrap everything up and hopefully end the series.

9.) What are some of the major themes that are explored in this book?

Well, with the recent book, and the current one I’m working on, I attempted to listen to people’s points of view in the U.S. and used them to make the characters have a more emotional P.O.V that the characters would use in regard to what is happening in their own environment, current problems they face and what’s going on around them.

10.) What is your opinion about the genre in general?

Well, I’m definitely a Sci-Fi / Fantasy dork so to speak. Like most people, I grew up reading J.R.R Tolkien, Tracy Hickman, Margret Weis and Stephen King. I know Stephen King doesn’t fit with what the others wrote, but what can I say, I like some of his earlier writings.

11.) What do you think makes your book something that other people will like to read?

Like most writers, I unknowingly wrote certain characters in a way that some people could identify with. Like my one character, Keo, I really wasn’t thinking of having him as main character type or with much of a personality, but I ended up giving him a little more attention, and it turns out, when I look back at the other books, he’s a lot like me. Stumbling through life, trying to get a grasp on things, then having everything eventually work out for the best.

Isn’t that how most everything works in life? When people think they get a grip on things, the rules quickly change.

12.) Anything else you’d like to add?

When things begin to look bad, take a step back and try and get another perspective. Never feel ashamed to ask for help, those who are willing to help would surprise you.


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