Author Interview: “Yah and the Space Cadets / Star Rise / The Third Expedition” by Jake Taylor

At the end of this interview, Jake Taylor, author of Yah and the Space Cadets / Star Rise / The Third Expedition, says “By the way, I do not know if we are related, but with the family being so large, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

I don’t think we are related, but I certainly wouldn’t mind. The description of his book is amazing and certainly reflects positively on our shared surname!

Thomas D. Taylor

1.) Author’s name:

Jake Taylor

2.) Most recent novel:

Yah and the Space Cadets / Star Rise / The Third Expedition

3.) Genre:

Science Fiction

4.) What’s the approximate page count and word count?

251 pages / 108,970 words

5.) Is this part of a series?


6.) If this is part of a series, how many books in the series so far and how many more in the series do you plan to write?

This is the third book of a total of seven in the series. At present, I am writing the fourth one.

7.) Give us a brief summary of the novel.

The third expedition starts after the unexpected and abrupt end of a lawsuit brought before the Eternal Court of the Intergalactic League of Empires and Kingdoms by the Tamortan and Herptilian Civilizations against Annur’s Empire.

The cadets obtain 18 additional powers and gifts during this expedition. The most impressive power, perhaps, is the ability to grab the soul of another living creature and scatter it about. Despite all these powers and gifts, nine of the twelve cadets are captured and imprisoned in beautiful Crystal Planet.

A most interesting gift the cadets receive is their own Lucid Interaction Chalet where they learn that allowing their souls to float is “not like levitation or flying, it’s more like transforming oneself into breezes and sounds.”

On their way to seeding planet AquaSoil, they encountered two mountains made of diamonds drifting alone in space. Ownership of which is soon challenged by Captain Lusada (a Tamort) who is helped by Colonel Erlakee (a Herptile).

Special Note: For readers to be able to fully understand this expedition, they need to read the 1st and 2nd Expeditions first. They may visit my author’s page at:

8.) What motivated you to write this book?

About ten years ago, I had a most intriguing epiphany and knew then that I had to write these books. I have been at it all this time, making their illustrations too, and having the greatest of funs.

9.) What are some of the major themes that are explored in this book?

Space travel, exploration, discovery, and planet seeding to determine if living creatures can be placed in a new planet.

10.) What is your opinion about the genre in general?

It is fantastic, it represents our future. Whatever we can think, whatever we can do.

11.) What do you think makes your book something that other people will like to read?

It explores many mysteries that mankind has had for millennia. It provides an answer to some very puzzling questions, without making them too clear. There is always a veil of mystery left behind. The people who have read the three books agree and are anxious for the fourth one to come out.

12.) Anything else you’d like to add?

I feel privileged for having been chosen to write these books. I do not know exactly who is guiding my steps, although I have suspicions as to who they are. For me these books are an adventure, I do not know what other great things await me as I write them, and I can hardly wait to continue.

Oh! Returning to this earth and before I forget, the books are also available in Spanish.

Thank you Tom, your site is very elegant. By the way, I do not know if we are related, but with the family being so large, I wouldn’t be surprised.


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