Breaking News: Taylor Working on New Horror Anthology!

Thomas D. Taylor, author of Geo 213: The Lost Expedition, Gruesome Triad: Three Tales of the Macabre, and Evil Creeps In: A Tale of Exorcism, is working on his next project, a horror anthology of short stories.

“I cannot even give out hints about what will be included in the compilation at this time,” Taylor said. “I can say that there will be at least four short stories, each designed to creep people out, and they may also teach people a few moral lessons into the bargain.”

Taylor won’t be nailed down to a release date, saying only, “The anthology will be ready to publish when I feel the final revisions of the stories have yielded the results I am looking for.”

Has Taylor selected a title for the new anthology? “Not yet,” he says. “A compilation is the sum of its parts. I’ll know what I want to entitle the publication once I get a feel for the kind of emotions the collection of stories evoke. The cover art has already been selected, however. Wait till you see it!  Some of the ghastliest painting I have ever done!”


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