Breaking News: Taylor Near to Completing New Horror Anthology!

Thomas D. Taylor, author of Geo 213: The Lost Expedition, Gruesome Triad: Three Tales of the Macabre, and Evil Creeps In: A Tale of Exorcism, is near to completing his next project, a horror anthology of short stories.

How many stories will be in this one?

Taylor said, “There will be at four short stories. Three are finished and ready to go. The fourth is being revised.”

How long will the anthology be?

“Tentatively? 49,000 words. Possibly more.

What’s the title of the new anthology?

“One has been selected.” says Taylor. “The painting for the cover art is finished. Not much needs to be done before the anthology comes out. So be prepared to be scared.”

Can you tell us anything about the stories that will be in the new book?

“Not before it’s published. I can only say that you can expect the stories to be as interesting and thought-provoking as some of the other stuff I have published in the past, but their subjects and tones will be different. You don’t get ‘more of the same’ with me.”

Keep tuning in for further updates!


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