Breaking News: Taylor is Working on His Next “Geo-213” Project

For those of you who enjoyed the immensely popular novel, Geo-213: The Lost Expedition, author Thomas D. Taylor is now working on his next “Geo-213” project.

QUESTION: What is this new project?

TAYLOR: “It’s a Geo-213 short story anthology. Unbeknownst to many, there were three short stories which inspired the novel. These stories were written many years ago and stand fairly well on their own, but, in looking them over, I’ve decided they need some revision before they can be published. I am working on the first of the three stories now.”

QUESTION: Why aren’t you leaving the stories as they were originally written and publishing the stories that way?

TAYLOR: “The Geo-213 short stories were originally written for my amusement and my amusement only (although I do believe I submitted one or more or them for publication once or twice) and as such required no explanatory or background material. But for people who do not know the inspiration and the deeper background behind the Geo-213 short stories and novel, some additional material needs to be there.  I suppose after I am long gone, fans would be interested in getting their hands on the original stories so they could compare them to the revisions, but let me say to the curious that while some existing material has been changed slightly, and a sentence or two cut, by far, the biggest alteration I have made is the insertion of additional material.”

QUESTION: In the novel, Harren Trober and Divad LaTroy reference past adventures that they’ve had on Geo-213. Are the stories you are preparing for the anthology the adventures Trober and LaTroy speak of?

TAYLOR: “Three of the adventures they mention will be included in this anthology. Yes.”

QUESTION: How long will the anthology be?”

TAYLOR: “Longer than I originally expected. I only have a hardcopy of the original stories, but the estimated word count on the them is somewhere between 4,000 to 4,500 words each with a total between 12,000 and 13,500 words.  Before I read through them recently, I had assumed I could publish them with only minor revisions and put a 15,000 word short story anthology out there. But right now, I am only three quarters of the way through the first short story’s revision and I am already up to 7,500 words. I’m predicting I’ll be at an even 10,000 before the story is finished to my liking, although that number is guesswork at this stage in the game. Whether or not the other two stories will have much material added is up in the air, but I’m guessing the anthology will come in at 25,000 words. It will be an easy read for “Geo-213″ fans, and because of its length, I’ll make the book’s price easy too.”

QUESTION: Why don’t you just write some additional stories and boost the anthology up to an even 50,000 words or more, or even a 100,000?

TAYLOR: “I might do that, but don’t hold me to it. There’s an idea for a fourth story brewing in my head that’s rooted in some notes I have saved from the past…. The thing is, for me, writing isn’t about word count, and this anthology, which is in essence a prequel to the novel, is not pre-designed to be a novel or even a novella when the stories are viewed collectively. These short stories are supposed to be the appetizers before the main course. As such, they cannot overtake the novel. Unfortunately, I have been a poor host and served the short stories after the novel has been published.”

QUESTION: About this fourth story you mentioned…

TAYLOR: “We’re getting into hypotheticals here. Let me just say that IF there is a fourth story, it will be based in Harren and Divad’s past; it will fit in with the other three stories chronologically; it will be the fourth story in the book; and it will give further background to readers about the two characters that will make the novel more meaningful.”

QUESTION: Did you do the cover art for this anthology?

Taylor: “Yes.”

QUESTION: What about a sequel to “Geo-213: The Lost Expedition”?

TAYLOR: “That’s been started, but don’t rush me. Otherwise it won’t be good. No more questions about the sequel, or the other literary projects I’m working on. I’ve got to get back to work!”

Taylor won’t say when the new anthology will appear. So keep your eyes peeled people, and come back to this blog for progress reports.

Happy reading!


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