“Geo-213: The Lost Stories” is now available on Kindle!

Now available at Amazon.com in Kindle format! Click HERE to get it.

Geo-213: The Lost Stories

What happened in the mines of Geo-213 before the story of The Lost Expedition was told?

From Thomas D. Taylor, author of “Geo-213: The Lost Expedition” comes “Geo-213: The Lost Stories” in which fans can immerse themselves in four exciting adventures.

Ride along with Harren Trober and Divad LaTroy as they encounter a murderous being on “Mapping Expedition 116894.”

When an experiment goes wrong in the central base of Geo-213’s mining operations, there is “Chaos in Control.”

Who would have thought that a run-in with “The Obelisk on Track 133” could lead to a return to planetary war?

Look out! There are “Smugglers in the Mines”. And remember, it’s against the law to let them live.

50,000 words makes for lots of excitement, but even more thrilling, three of the four stories in “Geo-213: The Lost Stories” were written long ago for the author’s amusement only. Now, Taylor shares them with you, and throws in a new story to boot.


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