Taylor Issues Five Paperbacks

Thomas D. Taylor has issued five paperbacks for your reading pleasure. All are available at Amazon.com. Click on the links to get your copies now…

Geo-213: The Lost Expedition

Centuries ago, Geo-213 had been deforested, and mined of most of its mineral wealth. Now, a new mining company has been established on Geo-213, and survey activity has commenced on the upper levels. 
But one of the survey teams has gone missing. A rescue team sent to find it has also gone missing.  
Divad LaTroy, Harren Trober, Gerreb Lederi, and Rowec Sullers go deep into the planet to find the lost expedition and bring its workers to the surface.  
What happened to the lost expedition? Will they ever be found? Who are the powerful beings that live deep within the planet, and what is the secret they are keeping from those who live and work near the surface?

Geo-213: The Lost Stories

What happened in the mines of Geo-213 before the story of The Lost Expedition was told? 
From Thomas D. Taylor, author of “Geo-213: The Lost Expedition” comes “Geo-213: The Lost Stories” in which fans can immerse themselves in four exciting adventures.  
Ride along with Harren Trober and Divad LaTroy as they encounter a murderous being on “Mapping Expedition 116894.” 
When an experiment goes wrong in the central base of Geo-213’s mining operations, there is “Chaos in Control.” 
Who would have thought that a run-in with “The Obelisk on Track 133” could lead to a return to planetary war? 
Look out! There are “Smugglers in the Mines”. And remember, it’s against the law to let them live.  
50,000 words makes for lots of excitement, but even more thrilling, three of the four stories in “Geo-213: The Lost Stories” were written long ago for the author’s amusement only. Now, Taylor shares them with you, and throws in a new story to boot.

Evil Creeps In: A Tale of Exorcism” 

When a woman comes to a Roman Catholic Church seeking help for her mother, two lifelong friends, one a Lutheran layman, and the other a Catholic priest, find their friendly discussions turning to the more serious topics of evil, demonic possession and exorcism.  
Over a period of weeks, the priest observes an exorcism, and he tells his friend some of what he sees, but can the two friends exorcise their own personal demons in the meantime?

Gruesome Triad: The Stories of the Macabre

“Gruesome Triad: Three Stories of the Macabre” gives you plenty of reasons to make sure the night light is on before you go to bed.  
“The Plague” 
How do we go from two plague survivors playing an innocent game of “Go Fish” at the beginning of the evening to a roasting pan full of human blood the next morning?  
“Matters of Faith” 
What evil and unholy secret is Faith Breatnach McCollister keeping in the locked room in her cabin on Manitou Lake?  
“The Sand Phantom” 
When a quicksand pit in the tall saw grass of Vietnam swallows a combat helicopter and the men within it, what horrors are to be found when an attempt is made to find the bodies? 
The stories inside this anthology will curdle anyone’s blood. But even more disturbing, as much as these are tales of morality as well as a horror stories, there may be no redemption for any of the characters involved no matter how nice and morally driven some of them seem.

Grim Quatrain: Four Tales of Terror

From the writer of “Evil Creeps In: A Tale of Exorcism,” “Gruesome Triad: Three Tales of The Macabre,” “Geo-213: The Lost Expedition,” and “Geo-213: The Lost Stories” comes a new horror anthology.  
Enjoy “Grim Quatrain: Four Tales of Terror.” 
Within, you will find… 
“From Beneath.” What causes horrific creatures to crawl up from the depths of the earth to feast upon mankind? 
“The April Fool.” See what happens when an April Fool’s Day trick turns deadly. 
“The Mailman.” This mailman brings torture and death. But is The Mailman really a mailman? 
“The Ragtime Blues.” What haunts Jacob Wells? And is it good, or evil?


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