“Deadly Duo” has been issued…

My latest book has been issued…

Go HERE to order the Kindle file.

And HERE to order the paperback.


Deadly Duo: Two Stories of Death and Murder

Thomas D. Taylor does it again with two stories meant to chill you to the bones.When John Hill is poisoned by his wife, he sees reanimated corpses building a railroad through the No Man’s Land behind his house. His counselor tells him he’s only hallucinating, and that his visions aren’t real. Just when he begins to believe her, Hill finds himself in the clutches of the malevolent beings. Unless he can escape from them, and from the depths of a macabre subway that runs beneath Chicagoland, it will be the “Last Stop” for him.

“How Stanley Yablonowitz Committed Suicide” is the story of how a man came to his demise at the hands of his own psychopathic children while his helpless wife looked on. How did it happen? Who witnessed the event? And why didn’t anyone call the police?

Read this book and you will never see the real world the same way again, even in daylight.

76,000 words.


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