The Order of Things…

Just for whimsy’s sake, I thought I’d answer a question from someone I met the other day who asked what order they should read my books in.

It’s a relevant question because I have issued them OUT of order.

And so…

If you are reading the Geo-213 books, read “Geo-213: The Lost Stories” first, and “Geo-213: The Lost Expedition” second. “The Lost Stories’ will give you a little background for ‘The Lost Expedition’ and its forthcoming sequel.[I know, it seems like the sequel has been “forthcoming” forever, but it will get here sooner or later.]  Both ‘The Lost Expedition’ and the sequel pretty much stand on their own, but it’s always nice to have a little additional information. Aside from that, in ‘The Lost Stories’ we get to see a little more of Harren Trober and Divad LaTroy, two of our most favorite characters.

Product DetailsProduct Details

If you are reading the horror series, count 1,2,3,4, and read them in that order.

In other words…

Evil Creeps In: A Tale of Exorcism” is one.

Deadly Duo: Two Stories of Death and Murder” is two.

Gruesome Triad: Three Stories of the Macabre” is three.

Grim Quatrain: Four Takes of Terror” is four.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Will there be a number five? Yes.

Until then, remember that all of these books are available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Happy reading!

Thomas D. Taylor

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