Elyse Bruce’s New Releases

A reminder that author Elyse Bruce has issued two new paperbacks…both of which have been edited by author Thomas D. Taylor.

A Summer Of Somebodies

A Summer Of Somebodies: Cautionary Tales For Modern Times

This generation believes that technology has changed how the next generation lives, and not necessarily for the better either. Yes, it’s true that computers and cellphones have altered the course of humanity in some ways, but have things really changed all that much? Aren’t the problems that plague this generation nothing more than a variation on a theme? Or have things moved along at such a fast pace that nothing’s familiar any longer? Is it possible that today’s kids really are living a life that their parents and grandparents can’t even begin to imagine? “A Summer Of Somebodies” is a collection of nine cautionary tales for modern times that gives readers a glimpse into the future that all of us are hurtling towards at an alarming rate.

Grand Theft Cookie


Grand Theft: Cookie

Being a kid isn’t as easy as it used to be. When twelve friends between the ages of 7 and 10 head off for a day of adventure and fun in the forest, they never expect to find themselves embroiled in a court case. What they especially don’t expect to find is that someone they all know and love has been accused of theft. Adult justice and television show reality collide with childhood innocence in ways that will have readers crying and laughing at how society can impact on children raised in today’s world.


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