More projects in the works…

Author Thomas D. Taylor has more literary projects in the works, but as usual, he is unwilling to say just what they are.

“I am starting my final revisions on another book, and work has begun on others. I actually wish I could work faster because the ideas come faster than I can write them out in story and novel form.”

You’ve published horror, science fiction, and nonfiction. Any clues as to what genre this book will be?

“If I publish the one I’m working on now first, it will be in a genre my readers haven’t seen yet. If I set it aside and go with something else, then it might be one of the familiar ones, it all depends.”

Many authors choose a genre and stick with it, and if they write in a second or third genre, they assume a pen name. Why don’t you?

“It never occurred to me to try that, but thanks for suggesting it. I just might do that. :)” 

Keep an eye on this blog for further details.

“And thanks for reading!”


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