Author Interview: “Is Vinyl Dead?” by Greg Trutner

It’s my pleasure to interview Greg Trutner, author of the recently published article in Cliché magazine entitled “Is Vinyl Dead?” Read on and I think you will discover that what Greg has to say here is just as interesting as what he has to say in his magazine article.

Thomas D. Taylor

1.) Author’s name:

Greg Trutner

2.) Most recent publication:

Is Vinyl Dead?” published in Cliché magazine.

3.) Give us a brief summary of the article.

Is Vinyl Dead?” is an op-ed I wrote for Cliché magazine. It’s about whether vinyl records are “dead/obsolete” or not.

4.) What motivated you to write this article?

I wrote it because I was inspired by an NBC ad on Roku about a vinyl collector and the re-release of Wings over  America by Paul McCartney (my favorite musician) as vinyl.

5.) How did you manage to get it published?

I took an internship with Cliché and was originally a copy editor. Once I figured out that I could write for a pop culture magazine, I started to write like crazy.

6.) What got you interested in writing in the first place?

Well, I always knew I had the passion for writing. I wrote fiction a long time ago (37 pages of it before I realized it had been done before) about different characters living through time. And I also wrote stories of my video games. But it was really Elyse Bruce, whom you’ve interviewed before, that really encouraged me to cultivate my talent. I owe her a lot for that. I now write whenever I go out. I have a pad of paper for my work-related stuff, a black notebook with the silver-ish cardboard ribbon still on it for my nonfiction blog, and a soft cover, black notebook for my fiction blog.

7.) What other things are you writing right now?

I hope to have some of my stuff put up for a start up company. It’s a company that insures businesses that use “the cloud.” It does have a blog, and hopefully my boss will let some of my articles–written on the side, for fun (writing also helps me understand concepts), go up on the website. When/if they do, I will be sure to let you know.

8.) I heard you write some interesting blogs. Can you tell me more about them?

One of them is is a nonfiction blog, called Political Musings. You can find it at This is my “call it as I see it” blog. I write through my own lens about how I view the world of politics, and cry fair and foul for both the left and the right, and even skewer the media when I get the chance.

The other one is a fiction blog, called Mutanatian Politics. It’s sort of a farce–though I didn’t really intend it to be that way when I first started writing it–on modern politics. You have four different parties–the Conservatives United Party (the one I am currently writing about), the Progressivists, the K’Vin (what are they? You’ll have to read to find out!), and the Traditionalists. Each part has different aims, and I’m planning on writing more about the country as well.

I also write, mainly for me, a sports blog based on video games I play.

9.) What is it about politics that you find so interesting?

Politics, for me, is really the “art of people watching.” If you watch politics enough, you can see the “messages behind the message.”

10.) When did you first become interested in politics?

I always liked politics, beginning from when I was about 4 or 5. My dad tells me I loved watching the Gulf War on TV. In middle school, my favorite book to read was Tora! Tora! Tora! In high school, I loved talking politics with my teachers. And In college, I followed the elections very closely–not to mention I majored in political science and history (I was a double major) at my alma mater.

11.) What did you do to educate yourself about local, national, international, and global politics?

Local: Local I haven’t really gotten much information on. But what I do know is that our town supervisor is not informed as well as he should be. I also took a class on local politics.

National: I took courses on the supreme court, congress, and the presidency.

International: I took classes like “intro to international relations,” and so on. I also read both Foreign Affairs and The Economist. I also subscribe to various international sources of news.

Global: I took a class on international organizations, learned a lot about the UN when I was in college, and studied the charter of ASEAN–and that was all in just one course.

12.)  What is it you’d like to teach others about politics?

I’d like to teach them that politics isn’t a game, unlike what the media says. Politics is a real system that really affects a lot of people, just by virtue of them being American citizens. I also like to spotlight when politicians are clearly interested in themselves, rather than the people they are supposed to represent.

13.) What are you looking to do in the future as far as writing goes?

I’m definitely looking to finish the politics election in Mutanatia, and show more of everyday life there, and possibly turn it into an ebook. I definitely want to publish some of my academic papers as well.

14.) What kids of academic papers did you have in mind? In other words, on what subjects?

I have a bunch of papers on different topics in politics, ranging from book reviews by different authors (both Liberal and Conservative) to responses to articles I’ve seen in magazines, to concept-type papers, where I simply explain the concept, again, all in politics.

15.) What do you feel you have to say on those subjects that other people haven’t already said?

I feel that my analysis brings with it a new perspective. Since I’m not tacked down on one political viewpoint. I tend to lean left, but there are times when I lean right. I’m also not firmly in the Democrats’ camp, either. I tend to comment on the system and what goes on in the system and how to constructively change it, rather than lament it and rail against it like I’ve seen so many politicians do.

16) Do you have any advice you’d like to give to other writers who are just getting started? If so, what is it?

Follow your passion, where ever it may lead you.

Thanks Greg, for your insights, and we look forward to seeing more of your publications in the future.


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