Stop Bullying of Autistics Now!

Those who subscribe to this blog know that I’ve published a large number of articles on the Idle No More Movement, and that those articles have been republished elsewhere.

Today I am going to take some time to write about another subject dear to my heart: People on the autism spectrum who are bullied.

Specifically, I am going to talk about people on the autism spectrum who are bullied by their peers.

As many of you know, I’ve have written a book called “Autistic Authors, and Autistics and Autism in Literature: A Commentary” which can be found here in both Kindle and paperback form, and it should also be on Amazon in Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the UK in one form or another.

Autistic Authors Paperback Cover

The description reads:

“Emerging trends suggest that autism is being portrayed in literature less as a diagnosis, and more as a minority lifestyle. Sometimes it is even portrayed as a culture. Autistic factional politics are having a significant effect on autism and literature as well.

“Of further concern, much of what is written by “autistics” is actually being written by “self diagnosed” autistics, and no matter who is doing the writing (autistic author or self-diagnosed author), plots, characterization, and other elements, are many times being drawn and presented based on observation of “autistics” with unconfirmed diagnoses in informal venues rather than upon observations of real, diagnosed autistics in realistic or controlled settings.

“This book offers some general opinions about the topic of autistic authors, and autistics and autism in literature, and gives a critique and criticism of some specific literary works. Covered are many different forms of literature, including fiction, nonfiction, autobiographical writing, journalism, and blogging. 36,000 words”

Without getting into a lengthy commentary on this, I’ll say that there are a number of reasons for writing this book. One of them is that many people who claim to be autistic are not, and these people are writing books. We can look to people who have been diagnosed for inspiration. People like Donna Williams and Temple Grandin. But can we look to others, who initially professed to have any manner of diagnoses before saying they “could” be on the spectrum, and then saying they are without offering proof of their diagnoses?

Then there are others in the book, who I do not name, who are diagnosed and who are criminals, or who are on trial or who are about to go to trial for alleged criminal behavior. There are plenty of ones I could name but don’t, the most well-known one being GRASP’s Nicholas Dubin. His books are still highly sought after, with the purchasers being unaware that he has been charged with child pornography.

People need to be made aware that ONLY board certified doctors who have a thorough training in autism spectrum disorders are able to comment on ASDs from a medical perspective.

Another aspect discussed in the book is autism as it is portrayed in literature. Many times autistic characters are stereotyped, or alternatively, they bear no resemblance to autistics as described in the DSM IV or V or ICD 10.

I won’t name the books specifically, but people need to be aware that in the case of self-diagnosed “autism advocates” or authors who use “autistic” characters in literature, it would be unwise to use these books for child-rearing or for trying to gain insight into how to help those with autism, as the information included in them is specious.

I also talk about autistic bloggers. Can they be trusted? Readers can be the judge.

But most of all, I talk about how individual “autistics” -and sometimes groups of them- will often stalk and bully other people on the spectrum, simply because they have the power to do so. I don’t know about you folks, but I think it is wrong to use one’s fame and acclaim for the express purpose of shutting up other people who do not agree with your viewpoint. Many people on the spectrum are shy and timid as it is, and they do not need unethical and unscrupulous people trouncing them for no justifiable reason, and even if there is a reason, it is unbecoming of anyone to stomp on another the way some “autistic” authors have been known to do.

By reading this book, you can learn how to recognize the tactics manipulators use to try to berate, bully, and control their victims.

I strongly encourage people to read this book. I am offering it at a price that will cover the costs associated with producing it, and it is FREE to Amazon Prime members.

If you would like to better inform yourself about how these people operate, please read the book. Pass the link to it around to your friends so they may be better informed. There are many who could benefit from such knowledge, and as I know from my royalty reports, there appears to be a need for this book because it is selling worldwide.

Let’s all work together to do what we can to stop bullying… At the same time, be skeptical of others, who claim to be working in your interest, but in reality are not.

Thomas D. Taylor

This blog article was republished in Aspergers Daily News, Aunesty Janssen’s Autism News, Autism Today and  Exceptional Intellectual Ability.


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