Idle No More: Indigenous Children Are Not Lab Rats

Recently, I have had the extreme displeasure of reading articles about the atrocities committed against native children in residential schools. This is the latest that I have come across. It’s entitled Ear experiments done on kids at Kenora residential school.

I will quote one bit from it regarding the hearing experiments, and if you are interested, you can click through on the above link and read the rest…

In a followup report, entitled “Experimentation and Treatment of Ear Disease Among 165 Pupils,” Stewart noted three of the children “were almost deaf with no ear drums, six had [hearing in] one ear gone.”

The article makes reference to another experiment:

A University of Guelph food historian recently highlighted the nutritional experiments at residential schools, including Cecilia Jeffrey in Kenora. In an interview with CBC, Ian Mosby said doctors and scientists around the world regularly used vulnerable populations and took a race-based approach to their work in the 1950s.

I find the idea of one population subjecting another to such experiments disgusting. That this was done to kids, who were stolen from their families by hook or by crook, is just as repulsive.

I have stated before in posts and tweets that, black, red, yellow, white, it doesn’t matter what our skin color is, we are all part of the human race, and when one human treats another in an exploitative manner, it is an affront to the entire human race.

I am a white man, and not only am I disgusted by how native children were treated in the past, but I am disgusted with how all natives are treated now. If you are avoiding learning about the appalling treatment these people receive at the hands of uncaring, unthinking people because it’s too much for you to handle, you might want to ask yourself how we can end the problem so that nobody, especially the victims, have to bear these atrocities anymore.

I could list a plethora of other sites, that you can go to to learn how Aboriginals have been exploited and abused, but these two will get you started.

Learning about the Idle No More movement is a good place to start. On Facebook, you can go here.

If you want to learn about missing and murdered Aboriginal women, go here.

Recognize that history is filled with different segments of the population being persecuted at different times. I could start with last century and move backwards… The Kurds were prosecuted under Sadam Hussien. There was the Rwandan Massacre. The Cambodians were slaughtered by the  Khmer Rouge. The Jews were persecuted under the Nazis, and there were many more campaigns that I have left out.

YOUR religion, YOUR race, YOUR ethnicity might be next. Do nothing to help others now, and there may be no one left to help you later.

Thomas D. Taylor

This article was republished in  #IdleNoMore Daily.


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