Three Excerpts from “Last Stop” in “Deadly Duo”

Deadly Duo

Three excerpts from “Last Stop” in “Deadly Duo: Two Stories of Death and Murder” which may be found in Kindle and paperback here.

“Last Stop” #1

Yes, a shovel. A big one, like the kind you’d use if you were going to plant a bush. I had left it by the back door earlier that night. I grabbed it when I went toward No Man’s Land. I had the flashlight in my left hand and the shovel in my right. If I needed to swing the shovel, I’d drop the flashlight and have at it.

This time, I went straight through the bushes without stopping.”

And what did you see?”

I saw a gang of workers digging holes on one side of the track up and down its length as far as I could see. Except of course, they weren’t regular railroad workers. They were corpses and skeletons. Some of the ones that were working must have been fresh. You couldn’t see a mark on them. But others wore tattered clothes. Some were practically naked, with flaps of skin and strings of muscle hanging off of them. You could see guts hanging out of the one closest to me. That one turned, and it seemed to grin. Then it began to raise its shovel like it was a club, and it came right toward me.”

“Last Stop” #2

 “Do you know how far down we are, my friend? Many a time I’ve hopped over a turnstile and gone up the steps hoping to reach street level and see the daylight. But you can’t. You just keep going up and up stairs. And I tell you what… Sometimes you see signs that point you down long hallways to other stations that aren’t directly accessible by any of the lines down here that I know about.”

You mean-”

I mean a man could get lost down here on subways that crisscross the whole of Chicagoland. Some link up, and other times you have to go down what they call ped-ways to get to others. At least I think you do. I never wanted to ride a line that wasn’t directly connected to another one.”

“Last Stop” #3

 “Oh shit!” Culbertson exclaimed.


We’re coming up on the last stop on the readout’s map, and look what it’s called!


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