Three Excerpts From “Evil Creeps In”

“Evil Creeps In: A Tale of Exorcism”

Evil Creeps In

(Can be found in Kindle and paperback here.)

Three excerpts from “Evil Creeps In”

“Evil Creeps In” #1:

You do have a way of boxing people into corners don’t you?”

Yes. Although I don’t do it too often. But a woman’s body is at stake here and her soul might be at stake too. Also yours, and that of anyone else involved in this case. Mine even. I’m sure the demon isn’t too pleased that we are having this conversation.

“Evil Creeps In” #2:

Go to the darkest portions of Africa, the untrammeled areas of South America, or maybe to certain Polynesian Islands. The belief in the existence of evil is strong among native peoples in these places. We regard many of their beliefs as superstitious mumbo-jumbo, yet even after Christianity has taken root, we still hear these people tell stories of occurrences of demonic possessions, oppressions, obsessions, infestations and external pain caused by Satan. These stories of occurrences persist even in areas where willful subjugation or dependence upon demons has been mostly rooted out! But why?”

Some of the old superstition remains, and shines through in the reporting of events?” Paul suggested.

No!” I said, emphatically. “These people may be living in places with no electricity, no media, no examples of evil to emulate from any people except themselves! In places like these, where only word of mouth spreads news, how is Satan to corrupt men and women in these environments? If he cannot do it through the subtle creepage we see in the Western world, he has no choice but to use naked manifestations that can be directly observed and then told to others. This is why native folklore in these places is replete with stories of ghosts and paranormal, preternatural, and supernatural activity. It’s why, when the weak Christianity of modern times fails to combat evil in its purest form, these people revert to witchcraft, and the appeasement of the demons that haunt and taunt them.”

I have heard that sentiment expressed by my colleagues,” Paul admitted. “Although in many of those places, it can be argued that the indigenous people never entirely give up heathenism in their first generation of Christian religious training.”

Really? Then why are we importing priests from those ‘heathen’ countries to make up for the shortfall in the ‘civilized’ ones? How crazy it must seem to them when we deny the existence of the blatant forms of evil. How crazy it must seem to nearly all of the world’s other established religions when they see that Christianity is losing its belief in demons while ‘heathen’ religions keep their belief in demons and ‘evil spirits’ intact.

Throughout all recorded history, there have been religions that believe in evil spirits, and demonologies,” I said. “Akkadians, Assyrians, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Iranians, Muslims, Jews, and Zoroastrians either have complete demonologies or else they believe in evil spirits, and this is not an all-inclusive list. One must also remember that demons come under many different names. The Native Americans call them ‘the evil ones.’

“Evil Creeps In” #3:


What was that!” Paul exclaimed.

It came from the kitchen!” I said, getting up.

I hurried down the hall and toward the kitchen. Paul followed quickly.

I skidded into the room and looked around. Then I saw what had made the noise.

What is that?” Paul asked.

It fell out from between the cabinets,” I said.

But what is it though?”

It’s filler,” I said. “It’s wood that was filling in the space between one cabinet and another. See?” I pointed. “That one and that one. I remember when they put it in. That was nearly thirty years ago.”

I bent over where it lay on the floor and touched it carefully, (I had a sinful and superstitious notion that it might be hot to the touch) and then I picked it up. It was an L-shaped section of oak made of two pieces of wood. Both pieces were two inches wide. One piece was as tall as the cabinets were tall, the other as deep as the cabinets were deep.

Didn’t they use nails or screws?”

You can see there are no nail or screw holes in this wood. They just wedged it in there. They didn’t think nails or screws were necessary at the time because the space between the cabinets was so tight.”

Has this ever fallen out before?”

Nope,” I said.

Could there be some supernatural attribution to what happened?” Paul said in a scientific tone of voice. “It certainly is coincidental that it should fall out at the moment you may have hit upon the reason for the old woman’s possession.”

We have no idea why the woman is possessed,” I said, trying to fit the wood back in the gap it had fallen out of. It didn’t seem to want to go in. I would need to pound it in with a wooden mallet. “We shouldn’t credit Satan or his minions with this. It could be pure coincidence. Or it could be a test given to us by God. The first thing we did when we saw this was theorize that Satan was behind it. Isn’t that fear on our part? Who are we supposed to be fearing? Satan or God?”

I pushed the wooden fitting in as much as I could. Then I dug out a meat tenderizing hammer and a dishtowel. I covered the area I wanted to pound with the folded towel and then I firmly pounded the L-shaped section into place.

It certainly took enough effort to get that thing in there,” Paul observed.

I could put some nails or screws in to make sure it stays put,” I said. “But seeing as it has stayed in place since the early 1980s, I don’t see the point.”

It could be the house is settling,” he said. “Maybe that’s why it popped out.”

That’s a more likely explanation than demonic activity,” I said. “Also. Don’t forget that minor earthquake we had a few years ago. It might have shifted the house ever so slightly, causing this thing to build up tension over a period of years that was finally released at this very moment in time. Or maybe it was just time for the wood to pop out. Who knows?”

Have you had any other things like this happen lately?”


Rack your brains. Anything at all?”

Nope. And don’t you think ‘racking my brains’ is a bad idea? Isn’t that like searching for the devil when the devil isn’t here? Isn’t that like inviting him in?”

Would you like me to bless the house?” Paul asked.


Why not?”

One, there’s no need. This is not a supernatural event, and even if it were, it is hardly a diabolic infestation. Two, I trust in God to protect me and the house. Three, I’d have a Lutheran minister do it if it really needed to be blessed. No offense, but I have to stay with what I believe in, otherwise it implies my faith in my own religion is weak. Now, let’s go back to the living room and sit down.”


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