BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Working On Another Autism Book

Autistic Authors, and Autistics and Autism in Literature: A Commentary” was met with such enthusiasm and support in multiple countries (the Kindle edition hit number 16 in one of its categories in Germany, and 52 in one of its categories in the UK) , that Taylor has decided to work on a follow up.

No 16Autistic Authors

“Some highly regarded people in the autism world gave me a lot of praise about ‘Autistic Authors’, and suggested I write another book about a topic heretofore ignored by other authors,” Taylor says. “This new book won’t be about autism and literature or autistic authors though. I think I’ve covered that topic enough. It will instead be about another topic related to autism that is sure to be of interest to everyone in the autism community. I normally do not write based upon requests from fans or mentors, but it was imparted to me (and reiterated countless times) that only I could write about the topic in the manner it needed to be addressed.”

Can you tell us specifically what it will be about?


Why not?

“It’s not quite finished yet. I would not want to say it is about one thing now only to have it turn out to be about something else once I complete it. Aside from that, I do not want people to ‘beat me to the punch’  and write and publish a similar book before this one gets done, nor would I want them to attempt to torpedo this project as some tried to do with ‘Autistic Authors.’ So the exact topic stays a secret between me, and a few very important people. “

People have actually tried to sabotage your writing?



“It doesn’t matter, and their efforts have mostly been frowned upon by those who have read my writing. People know that I care very much about disabled people, and particularly those on the autism spectrum despite attempts by an insignificant few to make it seem like the opposite is true.”

When will the book see publication?

“I can’t say precisely. As with the other book, I am in consultation with some very big names in the autism community who are providing me with useful information for inclusion in the final draft. Once I get everything organized, edited, and proofread, I will issue the book.”

Is there anything else you can tell us about the book?

“Only that it will be longer than ‘Autistic Authors’ was. ‘Autistic Authors’ was 36,000 words – the shortest book I have ever published. Right now, the draft for the new book is already past the 45,000 word mark with over 30,000 words worth of notes waiting to be utilized. I don’t know what the final word count will be, but I should think it will exceed 50,000 for sure.”

Those wishing to read something about autism in the meantime might try:

Autistic Authors, and Autistics and Autism in Literature

“Autistic Authors, and Autistics and Autism in Literature” is currently available in paperback at, and at and as a Kindle file.

Autistic Authors Paperback Cover

Emerging trends suggest that autism is being portrayed in literature less as a diagnosis, and more as a minority lifestyle. Sometimes it is even portrayed as a culture. Autistic factional politics are having a significant effect on autism and literature as well.

Of further concern, much of what is written by “autistics” is actually being written by “self diagnosed” autistics, and no matter who is doing the writing (autistic author or self-diagnosed author), plots, characterization, and other elements, are many times being drawn and presented based on observation of “autistics” with unconfirmed diagnoses in informal venues rather than upon observations of real, diagnosed autistics in realistic or controlled settings.

This book offers some general opinions about the topic of autistic authors, and autistics and autism in literature, and gives a critique and criticism of some specific literary works. Covered are many different forms of literature, including fiction, nonfiction, autobiographical writing, journalism, and blogging.

36,000 words


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