Autism's Politics

Author Thomas D. Taylor’s  newest book, “Autism’s Politics and Political Factions: A Commentary” is now available on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

“There are many people and organizations that are worthy of acclaim for the significant and valuable contributions they have made to improve the lives of autistics worldwide.

“At the same time, earnest information seekers, and autistic people who are looking to interact with others, may find themselves unknowingly bonding with people, organizations, and factions which harbor ill-intent toward others, and they may become subject to the manipulations of those people, organizations and factions.

“In the more extreme cases, speaking out, refusing to follow mandates or orders, or even abandoning the company of those one has previously bonded with, can result in online or offline bullying, or outright harassment.

“This book is not meant to impugn the autism community in any way, but instead attempts to describe autism’s politics, delineate its political factions, and demonstrate how the actions of some people, autism organizations and factions manifest themselves, both in real life and on the net.

“It is hoped by the author that newcomers to the world of autism will be able to read this book and come away from it having a background knowledge of autism’s politics from which they can draw on before participating in the autism community in earnest. People already immersed in the autism community may find some of the classifications and elaborative material presented here useful as well.”

82,000 words.

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