Why Do I Cause So Much Trouble?

“Thomas, why do you cause so much trouble?”

This was a question I was asked in response to the issuance of Autism’s Politics and Political Factions: A Commentary which, incidentally, has gotten a good reception thus far having twice popped up to the top  20 in one of Amazon.com’s categories. It’s also gotten a couple of 5 star reviews.

The book is selling in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and the US on Amazon as well as in stores. It is even available in some libraries.

For those who don’t know, Autism’s Politics and Political Factions: A Commentary attempts to describe and delineate many of the factions within the autism world, and explains how people and organizations act on their beliefs either for the betterment of people with autism, or in a manner that hurts the autism community, or something in between.

Was this book really necessary? With all the fighting and trolling that goes on already on social media sites that have autism as their focus, was it really important to draw attention to it and bring it to the world’s attention?

I could be very snide about this and say, “Hey! If there wasn’t something there to write about, I wouldn’t have written anything.”

But instead, I will answer the question even more brutally but just as truthfully: I wrote that book because I was asked to write it.

“Who asked you, Taylor?”

People in the autism community. That’s who.

“Why would they ask you to write a book like this?”

Because certain people and organizations in the autism world have picked on other autistics, and trolled them, and bullied them, and harassed them, and threatened them to such an extent that they feel they no longer have a voice. And since I had already written Autistic Authors, and Autistics and Autism in Literature: A Commentary these trolled and bullied people thought perhaps I could be their voice by writing about the even more controversial issue of people and organizations who use and abuse autistics for selfish and egotistical reasons.

So I wrote the book. And in that book I put in all the opinions that people told me they had privately, but which they were too afraid to say to their trolls and bullies and bullying autistic self advocacy organizations directly. And I structured the book in such a way so that anyone reading it who was a troll or a bully could see how they make people feel, and so that they could see the negative impact they have on autistics.

And you know what? I’ve gotten so much thanks for what I’ve done that I do not regret it.

It’s been a pleasure, giving a voice to the oppressed.

As always, thanks for reading folks.

Thomas D. Taylor


One response to “Why Do I Cause So Much Trouble?

  1. As someone new to the Autism political world (or should it be called a “spectrum” in its own right?), having been diagnosed with Asperger’s/PDD-NOS at 18 (childhood for PDD-NOS, but took notice of neither until about 21 or so), I’d like to thank you for providing what I am calling a “guidebook” of sorts for identifying mis/information as well as learning how bullies in the Autism world act!

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