I Wrote A Foreword for Missy Barrett’s Most Recent Book!

The most amazing thing happened not so long ago when Missy Barrett from the Miss Barrett Adventures asked me to write the foreword to her next book: “Missy Barrett’s Year In Review: The Year I Turned 8“.

Barrett 8

I couldn’t believe it!

I was so honored!

I have read all of her blog entries, and participate regularly on her Facebook page, and am such a great fan of hers. That she would ask me, of all the people in the world to write a foreword for her new book was a wonderful surprise!

So I made sure to write her a good foreword!

If you would like to read the foreword I wrote, you can look at the book here and here, but I would strongly advise reading the whole book if you can. It will save you from having to read last year’s blog page by page, and you will learn some lifelong lessons and read about some exciting adventures.

I would tell you more, but the book is full of Missy’s stories, and those stories are hers to tell.

Thomas D. Taylor


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