Taylor ‘s Story To Be Included in Anthology

Author Thomas D. Taylor has announced that one of his short stories “They Say Heaven is Paved with Gold” will be appearing in the soon to be issued “Amazing Adventure Stories”, an anthology of short stories being compiled by award-winning British-Canadian journalist, novelist, screenwriter and producer Joel Mark Harris.

As a writer, Harris is most widely known for his award-winning novel “A Thousand Bayonets” and his follow up novel “Shame the Devil.” The screenplay for “A Thousand Bayonets” won Best Feature Screenplay in the 2013 World Music and Independent Film Festival.

“Fans of Detective James Hemlock, who first appeared in the ‘The Culling of the Damned’ a short story in ‘Ghostly Quintet: Five Tales of Ghosts, Apparitions, and the Beyond‘ will surely enjoy this story, where we share his exploits after encountering the horrors found in ‘Culling.’ This story also tells us what happens before Hemlock’s next adventure, which finds him battling adversaries in the Florida Everglades,” Taylor says.

Taylor adds, “‘Amazing Adventure Stories’ is an anthology of stories written in the pulp fiction style. It has just about everything a fan of that style could want. Detective stories, murder mysteries, cloak and dagger type stuff, supernatural/paranormal. You name it!”

In addition to works contributed by Taylor and Harris, other contributors to the anthology include authors Jorge Avalos, Cindi Williams Barnier & Jack Gannon, Elyse Bruce, Allison M. Cosgrove, Quintus J. Hooper,  Jordanna Easterby, Juliet B. Madison, Glenn Muller, William Storke, and Stanley S. Thornton.

“I’m pleased to be collaborating with such skilled authors,” said Taylor. “I am particularly appreciative of Joel’s efforts, and his never-ending enthusiasm for the project.”

Each story in the volume will be illustrated by author/artist/singer/songwriter Elyse Bruce. The illustration for Taylor’s story appears below in both black and white, and color.

Amazing BW Amazing Color

Check out this blog in the future for updates and announcements about the release date.


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