BREAKING NEWS: Cover release for “Amazing Adventure Stories”

Thomas D. Taylor has been given permission by Editor Joel Mark Harris to release the cover picture for the soon to be published “Amazing Adventure Stories”, a book of twelve exciting stories written by thirteen authors, with front and back cover illustrations and interior illustrations by Elyse Bruce.

If you like murder action/adventure, cloak and dagger stories, mysteries, science fiction, and a touch of the supernatural, this book is the one for you.

The authors are, in alphabetical order:

Jorge Avalos
Elyse Bruce
Allison M. Cosgrove
Jordanna East
Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier
Joel Mark Harris!blog/cumv
Quintus J. Hooper
Juliet B. Madison
Glenn Muller
William Storke
Thomas D. Taylor
Stanley S. Thornton

“Amazing Adventure Stories” will be released soon. Check back here for further updates, and be sure to check #amazingadventures on Twitter, too!


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