Message from Taylor to First Nations People

Regarding “Idle No More: A White Man Speaks

Idle No More

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has given me feedback on this book, and also to thank people who have given me pointers on what I might do going forward to enhance and improve future editions of it. As a white man who is married to a Metis woman, I understand that a white man writing essays -and now, a book- about Idle No More, prejudice, bigotry, and racism, is a very delicate thing, and that my doing so has the potential to do more harm than good.

My hope is that I have done good and no harm, and have caused white people to become less ignorant and more sympathetic to issues of concern to First Nations people.

I encourage all First Nations people to write and publish their own points of view to further help white people understand First Nations issues, because all of what you have to say is certainly much more important, relevant, and meaningful than anything I have said. It is not so important that white people listen to me, as it is listen to you.

My job as I see it is to get white people to open their ears so they can not only listen, but hear you.

For those who haven’t read it, “Idle No More: A White Man Speaks” is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle file.



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