Autlantia is here!

Autlantia has been published!

Autlantia Final

“A global organization of exceptionally brilliant, high-functioning autistic people has reached the culmination of its struggle to create Autlantia, an underground utopia that not even the world’s governments know about.

“Before the group’s members can start to enjoy the fruits of their labor, an opposing group of autistics attacks and overthrows Earth’s governing bodies and brings the majority of humanity to its knees.

“It becomes clear that these “Others” intend to legalize every heinous crime known to man, so that they can engage in their deviant and repugnant proclivities to the most vile extremes.

“The Autlantians may have to risk everything they have created and achieved to save the planet from this wicked and destructive evil, but can they do it before The Others use their ultimate deadly weapon?

Go HERE to purchase in paperback, and HERE to purchase on Kindle.

104,000 words.


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