Meeting Mary McDonough

Mary McDonough and I.

I had the good fortune of meeting Mary McDonough May 15th and 16th at the Sevierville, Tennessee Bloomin’ Barbeque and Bluegrass Festival.  Amid the great food and spectacular music, McDonough, aka Erin Walton of The Waltons fame was there to sign her two books “Lessons from the Mountain“, and “One Year” (her newest).  While chatting with her briefly I had the opportunity to present her with one of my own books: “Ghostly Quintet.”

Lessons   One YearGhostly Quintet

Of interest to me as someone who writes horror are two particular movies which she did after her years on The Waltons television series. One was entitled “Mortuary” (1983) and the other was “Mom” (1991). I’d suggest looking over her entire filmography on IMDb to learn more about these and other film projects she has worked on.

That she can act in so many television and film roles serves as testimony to her talent and diversity as an actress, but McDonough has done far more than that.  She has been a director, writer, and associate producer, but just as important is her constant work outside the realm of Hollywood.

If you visit her website at you’ll find she is a public speaker, workshop leader, life coach, and she teaches acting classes as well.  Check her “Activism” page to learn more about issues that are important to her.

If ever Mary McDonough happens to be in your area for a book signing, or as a keynote speaker or what have you, you may want to drop on by and see her. She’s friendly, personable, has a great personality, and an infectious smile.

You can check out Ms. McDonough’s Facebook page HERE.

And don’t forget folks, “Ghostly Quintet: Five Tales of Ghosts, Apparitions, and the Beyond” is available in both Kindle and paperback format on

Thomas D. Taylor


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