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Autlantia is currently available in paperback at Amazon.com and as a Kindle file at Amazon.com.

Autlantia Final

A global organization of exceptionally brilliant, high-functioning autistic people has reached the culmination of its struggle to create Autlantia, an underground utopia that not even the world’s governments know about.

Before the group’s members can start to enjoy the fruits of their labor, an opposing group of autistics attacks and overthrows Earth’s governing bodies and brings the majority of humanity to its knees.

t becomes clear that these “Others” intend to legalize every heinous crime known to man, so that they can engage in their deviant and repugnant proclivities to the most vile extremes.

The Autlantians may have to risk everything they have created and achieved to save the planet from this wicked and destructive evil, but can they do it before The Others use their ultimate deadly weapon?

104,000 words.


At present, there are two books in the Geo-213 series:

Geo-213: The Lost Expedition

“Geo-213: The Lost Expedition” is currently available in paperback at Amazon.com, and at Amazon.com and ebookstore as Kindle files.

It is the distant future. People from earth have spread across the galaxy and are beginning to travel even further. But the insatiable human appetite for resources needed to continue this exploration, colonization, and industrialization has taken its environmental toll on mining planets like Geo-213.

Centuries ago, the planet had been deforested, and mined of most of its metals, but now, Earth’s World Congress wants to have the planet surveyed to see if there are any scraps of ore left to be gotten.

A mining company has been established on the planet, and survey activity has commenced on the upper levels, but one of the survey teams has gone missing. A rescue team sent to find it also goes missing.

They should have known better. This planet is over 75 times the size of earth and the maps to the centuries old mining tunnels have been lost. The tracks are in disrepair and the tunnels are crumbling with age. Earthquakes are common. Cave-ins too. There are haunting and predatory creatures in the mines. Danger could be around the next bend.

Enter Divad LaTroy, Harren Trober, Gerreb Lederi, and Rowec Sullers. These four men go deep into the planet to find the Lost Expedition and bring them to the surface. On the way they encounter danger, see lost cities, find and lose treasure…and they may even lose their lives.

What happened to the Lost Expedition? Will they ever be found? Who are the powerful beings that live deep within the planet, and what is the secret they are keeping from those who live and work near the surface?

Read Geo-213: The Lost Expedition to find out.

Geo-213: The Lost Stories

“Geo-213: The Lost Stories” is currently available in paperback at Amazon.com, and as a Kindle file at Amazon.com.

What happened in the mines of Geo-213 before the story of The Lost Expedition was told?

From Thomas D. Taylor, author of “Geo-213: The Lost Expedition” comes “Geo-213: The Lost Stories” in which fans can immerse themselves in four exciting adventures.

Ride along with Harren Trober and Divad LaTroy as they encounter a murderous being on “Mapping Expedition 116894.”

When an experiment goes wrong in the central base of Geo-213’s mining operations, there is “Chaos in Control.”

Who would have thought that a run-in with “The Obelisk on Track 133” could lead to a return to planetary war?

Look out! There are “Smugglers in the Mines”. And remember, it’s against the law to let them live.

50,000 words makes for lots of excitement, but even more thrilling, three of the four stories in “Geo-213: The Lost Stories” were written long ago for the author’s amusement only. Now, Taylor shares them with you, and throws in a new story to boot.

Do you want discuss Taylor’s “Geo-213” books in detail?

There’s a page out there just for you, and it’s the ONLY one recognized by Thomas D. Taylor. Go here to participate.


By Mom of triplets (Long Island, NY)

Geo-213: The Lost Expedition is a science fiction mystery-adventure, which takes the reader into the depths of the mines of an alien planet on a mission to search for two groups who have gone missing. As the story unfolds, Taylor does a wonderful job of describing the scenes that the rescue team comes across;I felt as if I was there with the team seeing it as they did. I enjoyed this very much and could barely put it down! I’m looking forward to a sequel.


From the author of : “The 13th Enumeration
@TTaylor_Author is a talented writer with several works available at amazon:  You might want to take a look.”

From Wendi Sotis, the author of: “Promises

@TTaylor_Author I’m looking forward to the prequel to Geo-213!”

From author Keta Diablo:

Author Alert #follow@TTaylor_Author write Geo-213: The Lost Expedition, Evil Creeps In, and more! Hi Thomas!

From Elyse Bruce, author of “Glass On A Stick“:

Looking for an excellent read? Want something to make you think twice? Thomas D. Taylor’s the author for you then!


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