About Thomas D. Taylor

Thomas D. Taylor is an author of 15 books and many uncollected short stories, an artist, a photographer, a songwriter, and (along with Elyse Bruce) Co-Creator of Midnight In Chicago, an international initiative which raises awareness of disabilities.

His short story “The Interview” won the First Place Fiction award in the 1991 edition of Towers literary magazine. Another of his stories, “A Grasshopper Cerebrates Humanity,” was published in the same issue. In 2013, his political commentary, “Idle No More: A White Man Speaks,” was published in The First Perspective magazine.

Taylor’s artwork has sold worldwide. Taylor painted the front and back cover art for two of singer/songwriter Elyse Bruce’s albums : “Midnight in Chicago“, and “Countdown to Midnight“, and drafted the liner notes for Bruce’s “Dreamtime” album which has made it to the top 15 in ReverbNation’s national world music category. His photos and artwork appear on the covers of all of his books.

Taylor also edited Elyse Bruce’s Novel “Glass On a Stick” and wrote the foreword to “Missy Barrett’s Year In Review: The Year I Turned 8. Most recently, he wrote the forward to Bruce’s novella “The End Of the Innocence.”

He co-wrote three songs with singer/songwriter Elyse Bruce: “Late Night In the Borough”, “Somewhere in Detroit”, and “How Do I Begin to Believe/Lying in the Arms of My Judas.”

He is an environmentalist who has apportioned five acres of his estate to pure wilderness.


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Meet Thomas D. Taylor, Author of ‘Geo-213: The Lost Expedition’

Interview with Thomas D. Taylor, Author of ‘Geo-213: The Lost Expedition’

Taylor was interviewed on “The Geeked Mind” broadcast on Trent Radio, 92.7, Peterborough, Canada,  October 11, 2013 and again on October 18, 2013 for the same program. Listen to the October 18th, 2013 interview (podcast version) HERE. He was interviewed exclusively by Geeked Mind Radio on November 15th,2013. That interview can be found HERE.


By Mom of triplets (Long Island, NY)

Geo-213: The Lost Expedition is a science fiction mystery-adventure, which takes the reader into the depths of the mines of an alien planet on a mission to search for two groups who have gone missing. As the story unfolds, Taylor does a wonderful job of describing the scenes that the rescue team comes across;I felt as if I was there with the team seeing it as they did. I enjoyed this very much and could barely put it down! I’m looking forward to a sequel.


From the author of : “The 13th Enumeration
@TTaylor_Author is a talented writer with several works available at amazon:  You might want to take a look.”

From Wendi Sotis, the author of: “Promises

@TTaylor_Author I’m looking forward to the prequel to Geo-213!”

From author Keta Diablo:

Author Alert #follow@TTaylor_Author writer Geo-213: The Lost Expedition, Evil Creeps In, and more! Hi Thomas!

From Elyse Bruce, author of “Glass On A Stick“:

Looking for an excellent read? Want something to make you think twice? Thomas D. Taylor’s the author for you then!

From Yvonne Mikulencak, Director of Asperger Women’s Association RE: “Autism’s Politics”:

Too many autistics, Neurotypicals and parents will lie , cheat, steal, push , shove, and other unethical characteristics to be on top of the Autism world. Most these people never had any source of achievement and believe if you attack others and destroy them, they as the attacker will come out on top. They lack education or experience… and are involved in many shady deals…. Taylor’s book spoke the unspoken. I thank him for bringing it to light and in the open so more can see how they are being used in many dishonest Non Profits. Few licensed psychologists assist for an image they never held professionally as well. Victim type 2s do well in this area of eat or be eaten.

From Greg Trutner RE: “Autism’s Politics”:

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

So said Rodney King during one of America’s darkest hours. So, too, says Thomas Taylor as he gives the ready and road map through the different factions that exist in the world of Autism’s politics.

His Road map also shows the use of (sometimes) tricky tactics and (sometimes) downright deceitful nature of various factions–from Trolls to quackery, Mr. Taylor covers them all. How do you spot a faction? How do you navigate these factions so you might, just might, get out with your sanity? These are just some of the topics that the author addresses.

But “Autism’s Politics and Political Factions: A Commentary” is much more than that: it also gives you time to look within yourself and figure out with which factor you most closely align.

But regardless of what factions you may belong to, Thomas Taylor sets out the tactics to avoid if one wants to have a productive and fruitful discussion rather than a bitter and polarized one.

From Cookie Wilson RE: “Idle No More: A White Man Speaks”:

What and whom do you care about? At what point does does an issue make you think about speaking out?

When is something so atrocious that it moves you to want to do something about it?

When “too many” people are affected? (How many are TOO many?)

When it affects people you know?

When it affects your friends?

When it affects YOUR family?

As a history major, I can tell you that throughout time one lesson has always rung true: Waiting until a problem comes knocking on your door is too late. (Just look at Nazi Germany, which wasn’t all that long ago).

“What can I do about it? I am just one person,” is a very dangerous way of thinking, especially when the answer can be very simple and easy to do.

Back in the 1980’s, there was a TV commercial for Fabergé Organics shampoo. Although that has been far too many years ago for most people to remember, it had an important message that stuck with me.

Yes. A shampoo commercial. The model in the commercial was touting the wonders of this fabulous shampoo. And in just a few words, lies the secret of changing the world.

What?!?!? How can a decades-old shampoo commercial change the world? Like this:

“I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on…”

Thomas D. Taylor has written a book that is very thought-provoking. When you read it, from the very beginning it starts you thinking. I’m not very far into this book and it already has me thinking. He has given us a place to start; way to begin a dialogue.

Thanks to social media such as Facebook, we can have a dialogue with a lot more than “two friends”.

So, do you really want to change the world for the better? You have a place to start: Read “Idle No More”. Then “tell two friends”.

I just did.

Thomas Taylor in the News:

Art contest in full swing; View original art, pick your favourite and support a good cause (from 3 years ago)


Letter to the editor, Peterborough This Week:

  • Oct 23, 2007 – 4:56 PM

Councillor’s language lacked eloquence, but her frustration felt by many others

re: Peeters ‘unparliamentary’ in her defence of Brock Mission by Kathryne Miller  

I am an artist from the United States. Last summer I donated a signed, limited edition print to auction off at Councillor Patti Peeters’ fundraiser for the Brock Street Mission.  I donated my print because from the moment the Peterborough City Council started to loose faith in the Brock Street Mission, it was evident that Coun. Peeters was committed to ensuring that the Mission stay open.

There was not a doubt in her mind that Brock Street was the best organization for the job of looking after the homeless. Maybe Coun. Peeters could have spoken more eloquently during the Oct. 15 council meeting, but I certainly understand her frustration.

It is the City of Peterborough that enthusiastically funds the thousands of dollars worth of fireworks that get set off every Wednesday and Saturday night at the Festival of Lights in the summer time. Yet they pinch pennies when it comes to giving homeless people a place to sleep for the night.

Maybe if the City of Peterborough and the rest of the Festival of Lights sponsors would join Coun. Peeters and little guys like me to act on behalf of homeless people instead of literally blowing money up in smoke twice a week, squabbles at city council meetings would never take place.

I care about Peterborough’s homeless and I don’t even live in Canada.

Thomas Taylor


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