About Taylor’s Artwork

Thomas D. Taylor has been drawing and painting for over 30 years.  His artwork embellishes subjects via absence of shadow, vibrancy or colors, and smooth, small brushstrokes.  His acrylic on canvas paintings range from modern and abstract to surreal, but all fall under the art form he has coined “Precise Impressionism.”  He is also an accomplished photographer.  He is the official visual artist for all the “Midnight In Chicago” artwork including the front and back album cover artwork on all MIC CDs.

Taylor’s artwork and photos appear on all of Taylor’s books.

Created especially for Midnight In Chicago with 20% of the retail price donated by the artist to Autism Organizations, the beautiful cards that follow are printed on card stock. They include a high quality envelope and are left blank for your personal message. The cityscape cards are also available as Limited Edition Prints. Other cards are available as Open Edition Prints. All prints are dispatched in a 3″ diameter tube.

Contact Thomas D. Taylor at anthilltiger @msn.com or bruce @midnightinchicago.com.

Countdown to Midnight Clock:

Midnight In Chicago

Midnight in Chicago:

Late Night in the Borough:

Midnight in Montreal:

Midnight in Philadelphia:

Love People with a Difference:

Merry Christmas:


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