“Pinwheels and Pearls” Book Launch Benefits Relay For Life.

Sunday, March 26th, 2017 saw the fun and exciting launch of Elyse Bruce’s Missy Barrett chapter book “Pinwheels and Pearls.”

The event benefited Relay For Life, which supports the American Cancer Society.  One dollar from every sale of the book, which can be found on Amazon.com, goes directly to Relay For Life.

It all happened at Pat & Don MacPherson’s Sweet Fanny Adams Theater in Galtinburg Tennessee.  Gatlinburg, as many will know, boasts one of the most picturesque entrances into Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The Theater is “Gatlinburg´s ONLY Musical Comedy Entertainment Attraction and the OLDEST Purveyor of Professional, Live-On-Stage, Original Musical Comedies, outrageous humor and hilarious fun in the Smokies.”  See the Sweet Fanny Adams Theater website for details.

The theater provided the popcorn…

And Elyse Bruce, along with her entourage, provided the entertainment.  Here is the author herself, treading the boards and reading from her book, “Pinwheels and Pearls.”

Here she is with Sophia Conerly of Relay For Life explaining how important the cause is and what people can do to get involved.

Captain Cancer Fighter (who figures prominently in the book) and his mom, Ann Sutton Bowman, were “drafted” to act out parts of the book while Elyse read…

And last, but not least, here is Elyse with Charlie, who won a pearl bracelet from Tobias Gatlinburg.

There were many other door prizes given as well, all of these coming from local businesses, such as Arcade City, Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, Elyse Bruce herself, and Relay For Life of Sevier County. Other businesses provided coupons and other forms of support for this event, and for Relay For Life.

I’m told there will be more events coming up in the future where Elyse’s book will be featured, and the sales from this book will benefit Relay For Life.

Stay Tuned!









What Authors And Pilots Do In Their Spare Time

Author Elyse Bruce, Author Thomas D. Taylor, and pilot Marc Hightower, subject of Elyse Bruce’s Missy Barrett Book “Barnstormin’“.  Marc runs Sky High Air Tours and flies a 1927 Waco 10 straight wing.  He’s based out of Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge airport in Tennessee.



“Shear Madness” at the Book Launch!

It was “Shear Madness” at a book launch I went to today!

But this launch wasn’t for one of my books.  It was for Elyse Bruce’s newest Missy Barrett children’s book, “Foiled Again.”  And it happened in a trendy beauty salon called Shear Madness in Sevierville Tennessee.

Publicity Elyse 11
Look a little closer, and you will see a Missy Barrett poster in the window!
For those who don’t know, Missy Barrett is a fictional young girl who is interested in being a detective someday. For now, she spends her time learning a little something about everything, so she can have a large knowledge base to draw on for her future detective business.

These books are good for kids in grade three and up.  They are interesting, wholesome books that emphasize the importance of family and family values.  There is lots for adults to enjoy in these books too!

Here’s Elyse reading “Foiled Again” to some of her fans…
Publicity Elyse 12
And here she is signing her books…

Publicity 4 Elyse
The Missy Barrett books you see below can be found here on Elyse’s Amazon page.
Publicity Elyse 14
To get “Foiled Again”, go HERE!

If you are interested in getting the Missy Barrett books, or any other books that are written by Elyse Bruce, check out Elyse’s Amazon page here.

And if you are in Sevierville, Tennessee and need your hair done, or a manicure or pedicure, be sure to check out the Shear Madness, and their outstanding friendly staff of professionals!  Click on this link, or go to  http://shearmadnessbeauty.com/ to learn more about them.


Publicity Elyse 5

I Wrote A Foreword for Missy Barrett’s Most Recent Book!

The most amazing thing happened not so long ago when Missy Barrett from the Miss Barrett Adventures asked me to write the foreword to her next book: “Missy Barrett’s Year In Review: The Year I Turned 8“.

Barrett 8

I couldn’t believe it!

I was so honored!

I have read all of her blog entries, and participate regularly on her Facebook page, and am such a great fan of hers. That she would ask me, of all the people in the world to write a foreword for her new book was a wonderful surprise!

So I made sure to write her a good foreword!

If you would like to read the foreword I wrote, you can look at the book here and here, but I would strongly advise reading the whole book if you can. It will save you from having to read last year’s blog page by page, and you will learn some lifelong lessons and read about some exciting adventures.

I would tell you more, but the book is full of Missy’s stories, and those stories are hers to tell.

Thomas D. Taylor