“Spectral Septet” Released in Time for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, another horror anthology from Thomas D. Taylor:



“Spectral Septet:Seven Spine-Chilling Compositions”

For the main characters in this book, The Last Days are here. The question is: How will they face them?

Will a surly teenager succumb to the eerie, horrific, and monstrous repercussions of his destructive experiments? Who will survive a mass-culling of the Earth’s animals? What are the implications for the residents of Kraken when Grimtown and its haunted past reawakens? Will a little boy vanquish the demonic entity that lives in his closet? Will another boy and a pop musician survive an alien invasion? And what must be done to save the wild cats at a zoo before a cataclysm arrives?

Taylor’s horror tales twist the fabric of the universe to bring the worst terror you can imagine straight into the depths of your mind. Read these stories with the lights on….

And repent, while you still can.

112,000 words.






Over 1,000,000 Words In Print

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Message from Author Thomas D. Taylor:

Thanks everyone for continuing to read my books, stories, and articles. Your fandom is what spurs me on to write even more. As of the time of this posting, I have published more than 1,000,000 words in my own books, and tens of thousands elsewhere, and this does not even include the number of words I have published under my pen names.

Here is hoping I can provide you with millions more words to read going forward! Even as I write this, I have many works in progress.

So until next time…

Happy reading!



Coming soon… Hemlock: The Collected Mysteries Volume I

Coming soon…

Hemlock: The Collected Mysteries
Volume I

Detective James Hemlock used to think Hell and Earth were two separate places, but then his investigations uncovered a worldwide cult the likes of which no sane man or woman had ever before seen.

Its members have infiltrated our universities, our militaries, our governments, and the planet’s biggest corporations. And deep beneath the ground, in dim-litten grottos and catacombs, Hemlock discovers that cannibalism, mass-murder, and demon worship are just some of the rites and rituals that this gruesome and deranged organization uses to try to bring on the apocalypse.

Hemlock -one lone man- may be all that stands between sanity and the final destruction of the world.

WARNING: This book is not for the faint-hearted. Author Thomas D. Taylor doesn’t show his characters any mercy, and he won’t show YOU any mercy, either.

With a foreword by author C. H Wilson.

167,500 words

I’ve been interviewed in Cliché Magazine. Check it out!

I’ve been interviewed in Cliché Magazine. You can read a little about what I have to say about my horror books, and also about my books on autism. Check it out!


Cliche Interview Screenshot

Why Do I Cause So Much Trouble?

“Thomas, why do you cause so much trouble?”

This was a question I was asked in response to the issuance of Autism’s Politics and Political Factions: A Commentary which, incidentally, has gotten a good reception thus far having twice popped up to the top  20 in one of Amazon.com’s categories. It’s also gotten a couple of 5 star reviews.

The book is selling in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and the US on Amazon as well as in stores. It is even available in some libraries.

For those who don’t know, Autism’s Politics and Political Factions: A Commentary attempts to describe and delineate many of the factions within the autism world, and explains how people and organizations act on their beliefs either for the betterment of people with autism, or in a manner that hurts the autism community, or something in between.

Was this book really necessary? With all the fighting and trolling that goes on already on social media sites that have autism as their focus, was it really important to draw attention to it and bring it to the world’s attention?

I could be very snide about this and say, “Hey! If there wasn’t something there to write about, I wouldn’t have written anything.”

But instead, I will answer the question even more brutally but just as truthfully: I wrote that book because I was asked to write it.

“Who asked you, Taylor?”

People in the autism community. That’s who.

“Why would they ask you to write a book like this?”

Because certain people and organizations in the autism world have picked on other autistics, and trolled them, and bullied them, and harassed them, and threatened them to such an extent that they feel they no longer have a voice. And since I had already written Autistic Authors, and Autistics and Autism in Literature: A Commentary these trolled and bullied people thought perhaps I could be their voice by writing about the even more controversial issue of people and organizations who use and abuse autistics for selfish and egotistical reasons.

So I wrote the book. And in that book I put in all the opinions that people told me they had privately, but which they were too afraid to say to their trolls and bullies and bullying autistic self advocacy organizations directly. And I structured the book in such a way so that anyone reading it who was a troll or a bully could see how they make people feel, and so that they could see the negative impact they have on autistics.

And you know what? I’ve gotten so much thanks for what I’ve done that I do not regret it.

It’s been a pleasure, giving a voice to the oppressed.

As always, thanks for reading folks.

Thomas D. Taylor

Three Excerpts From “From Beneath” In “Grim Quatrain”

“Grim Quatrain: Four Tales of Terror”

Grim Quatrain

(Can be found in Kindle and paperback here.)

Three excerpts from “From Beneath”

“From Beneath” #1:

We stopped by a farm. The animals in the barnyard had been utterly slaughtered. It wasn’t like when you go to a grocery store and see cuts of meat at the meat counter. You look at those, and sometimes you think you could eat them raw, they look so delicious. But what we saw were unidentifiable chunks of meat, hide, guts, and bone. Pools of blood too.

We found half a dead steer. It was completely intact from its front to its midsection, but there was nothing below. It looked as though it had been cut clean through with a razor. The carnage inflicted upon it had happened recently. There was no stench coming from the corpse, except for the blood, bile, and other bodily fluids running out of its severed organs. You could see them in there easily. They were starting to get compressed under the weight of the animal, but they weren’t being squeezed too much yet.

Deep, wide, star-shaped footprints that were waist deep and wide enough for me to stand in had bashed the previously flat yard into a kind of miniature mountain range.

“Benson,” I said, dejectedly, as we stood there looking at them, “we’ve gone over ninety miles from our starting point and there haven’t been any blockades or barricades. What’s happened to all of the people?”

“From Beneath” #2:

“Why?” I asked him. “Why aren’t there people here? We checked out a lot of houses before we came here, and the creatures ate people out of them as though they were sucking the centers out of bon bons. Why weren’t they warned? Why weren’t they evacuated?”

“From Beneath” #3:

Benson and I have an agreement: Each person carries his own weight, and if it looks like one is going to hold the other back, we separate. It sounds callous, but we’ve made it a point not to get too familiar with one another so that separation would be an easy thing to do. How our consciences would deal with it further down the road is another matter.

Beware of Twitter Fakers

Ever wonder how a very popular author can have only a few thousand twitter followers while one you’ve never heard of can have a hundred thousand or more? Ever wonder how you personally can try to work Twitter as best you can and come up with only a few followers a day while other people seem to get 10,000 in one quick jump?

Well, did it ever occur to you that followers can be paid for?

On Twitter, sometimes people aren’t always as popular as they seem.

But alas! There is hope. Read this article from Forbes about how these fakers are being found out, and what the dire repercussions are for people who try to use hired followers to boost their own popularity among people who would otherwise ignore them. Find out how these people can be found out, and how very import people, including potential employers are screening out these fakers using new tools,

“As I took our issue to Google, naturally, I discovered that for the price of my iced chai latte, I could unethically buy up to 1,000 new followers. And that was the minimum package, another $20 could buy me triple the amount, and so forth. Essentially, you can become a social media superstar overnight.”

says Chereen Zaki, author of the article “Paying For Followers May Cost You A Job.”  She also says:

“Employers can now weed out the imposters on Twitter using applications such as Statuspeople.com’s Fakers application, or Social Baker’s FakeFollowers application. These applications allow you to measure your own, as well as other’s fake, inactive, and good followers on Twitter. If your faker number runs under 20%, you tend to be on the safe side. On TwitterCounter.com, there is the option to enter the name and receive a three-month view of the follower count. If there are irregular significant jumps, then all signs point to fake.”

This is something to keep in mind. Just today I was comparing the number of followers of a well-known autistic author from Australia with an autism activist from another country. The one from Australia, who has written many books and gone on the lecture circuit, has less than a thousand followers, while the other person has more than a hundred and seventy-five thousand, although that person’s followers seem to be dropping in leaps and bounds for some odd reason.

The bottom line is, trust your gut. You might also trust Twitter. It is a violation of terms of service to buy followers, and if you do, you are likely to lose your account.

Thomas D. Taylor