About the CDs

Thomas D. Taylor co-wrote three songs with singer/songwriter Elyse Bruce.

“Late Night in the Borough” appears on both the “Midnight In Chicago” and “Countdown to Midnight” CDs. “Somewhere in Detroit” and “How Do I Begin to Believe/Lying in the Arms of My Judas” are on the “Countdown to Midnight” album. Both of these CDs raise money for Autism.

Midnight In Chicago - Raising Funds for Autism - EP, Elyse BruceCountdown to Midnight, Elyse Bruce

Play List: Midnight In Chicago:

1. Midnight In Chicago  (AAA and A/C format)
2. Late Night in the Borough  (AAA and A/C format)
3. Midnight In Chicago (Light Country format)
4. Late Night In the Borough (Light Country format)

Playlist: Countdown to Midnight:

1. Late Night In The Borough
2. Somewhere In Detroit 
3. Say You’ll Wait For Me 
4. The Mad Hatter 
5. Armistice Day
6. Dans les feuilles
7. Autoroute 
8. When the Night Was Soft
9. How Do I Begin to Believe 
10. Conference Calls
11. Infinity Squared 
12. Midnight in Chicago

Taylor also has a credit on Elyse Bruce’s “Dreamtime” album for doing the liner notes. Proceeds from “Dreamtime” will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Dreamtime, Elyse Bruce

Play List: Dreamtime:

1. Moon Chimes / Dance Nocturne
2. Dreamtime / Rêverie
3. All Things / Douce Brise
4. Bedouin Knights / Cortège Du Désert
5. Inquisitive By Nature / Le Minou Joue
6. Lost / Cheval Blanc (feat. Francis Marchildon)
7. My Heart Longs / Caresse
8. November Chills / Jeu D’Enfant
9. Such Splendor / Cœur En Fête


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